A Trello Share Service for Firefox

I use Trello daily to keep track of projects and tasks, along with all the various ideas and thoughts I want to stick somewhere and get back to later. When I’m doing research online, for example, I’ll capture helpful articles and webpages as cards on a Trello board, along with my notes and comments about them.

On iOS, this kind of workflow is really easy. The Trello app provides a sharing plugin that I can click from Mobile Safari and presto! I’ve got a card on my Trello board with the title and URL of that webpage, ready to add my notes.

Creating a Trello card from Mobile Safari

Firefox is my desktop browser, which has a neat sharing feature itself. If you want to share a link on Twitter or Facebook (or a handful of other services), it’s as easy as pie:

Sharing a link to Twitter with Firefox

Sadly, Trello integration isn’t available in Mozilla’s service registry.

The Project

Build a Firefox sharing service that will create a Trello card from the current web page. The card should have the same title as the web page, and its URL should be captured as an attachment to the card. The user must have the ability to select which board and list the new card should appear on.

The Tricky Bit

After a little Googling, I’m still not sure whether custom service integrations are even possible with Firefox’s built-in sharing mechanism. The hardest part might be the human element of getting your Trello integration accepted by Mozilla and, well, integrated.

The Competition

There are a bunch of Trello-related addons already out there, several of which do exactly this: turn a URL into a card. But, come on, do you really need a separate button cluttering your toolbar?