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I'm Greg Haskins, a software developer with too many ideas and not enough time. Please steal them. No, really.

Facebook Photos by Mail

How can I automatically share Facebook photos with people who aren’t on Facebook? Your app could mail them for me!

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Call-the-Cops Button

I need to call the police. It’s not an emergency, but I don’t even know what jurisdiction I’m in! Where’s my Call-the-Cops button?

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Nerdtastic Programmable Alarm Clock

How about a programmable alarm clock that lets me experiment with different ways of cajoling myself out of bed in the morning?

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Rain or Shine Weather API

Sometimes looking out the window just isn’t feasible. Web servers live in the cloud, so why can’t they tell me when it’s raining?

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Gamified Wiki System

Goading your teammates into updating the team wiki isn’t very fun or effective. What if we earned points for contributing content?

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Magic Get-Your-Kids-to-Smile Camera

It is impossibly difficult to get my kids to look at the camera and smile pretty. I resort to all manner of shenanigans behind the lens.

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Lunch Order Coordinator

Collecting lunch orders from a group of people and entering them one-by-one into an online form is a pain in the butt. We can do better.

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