Steal My Dev Project Ideas

As a developer with a faulty brainstorm switch, I’m constantly coming up with software project ideas. From websites and apps to tools, libraries, and APIs, I’ve accumulated hundreds of thoughts. They’re scattered on Trello cards, text files, emails-to-self, and various random bits of paper. It’s kind of a problem.

Some of the projects are clever, original, and perhaps even The Next Big Thing™. A bunch of them provide fairly mundane functionality but incredibly don’t seem to really exist anywhere. A handful are reactions to things that do exist but thoroughly suck. Others would be interesting purely from a learning perspective. A few might not even be possible, but would be fun to try.

Thieves Wanted

Instead of filing all these projects away as “something I’ll maybe get to someday,” I’ve going to start sharing them here. If any of these interest you, then please steal it. Iterate, build, sell—whatever you like. I don’t have the bandwidth to follow through myself, so I am officially releasing them to the wild. If you develop a product, I might even become a customer.

I have no absolutely no intention of contacting the Department of Ideas:

My Business Idea

Greg Haskins